NICA: NICA is a non-profit trade organization formed to pool resources of contractors to accomplish tasks too daunting, time consuming, or expensive for individual companies to do themselves. We provide inexpensive Small Contractor Business Consulting.

We are your resource for answers—feel free to ask questions (without fear). As a member you can also reduce paperwork and liability.

On Site Training:  NICA provides on site training for your company at reasonable prices.  For more information about the training we provide, contact Kris Alberti.

Programs we provide:
• L&I Safety Day (Requirements for Contractors)
• Respiratory Protection
• Fall Protection Competent Person
• Forklift Safety Programs
• Confined Space Supervisor, Entry, Attendant and Rescue Teams


Contact Us: Northwest Independent Contractors Association 145 Highway 28 West; Soap Lake, WA 98851

Office: 509.246.9080 Fax: 509.267.3159 E-mail: Kris Alberti


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