Disaster Site Worker


Disaster Site Worker Class Information for January 2017:

English DSW/OSHA 7600 – Disaster Site Worker Curriculum

Spanish DSW/OSHA 7600  – Disaster Site Worker Curriculum


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For complete kits, Preparesmart.com is a good resource.

Preparedness, Safety & Disaster Supplies:
Prepare Smart
Disaster Site Worker Bag #1
100 Person First Aid Kit


Sample Plans




Disaster Site Worker Links:
CDC: Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
CDC: Radiation Emergencies
OSHA: Occupational Safety & Health Administration
FEMA: Federal Emergency Management Agency

disaster workers

Illness & Disease Safety Guides:
Hypothermia: Cold Stress Education
CDC: Cholera Prevention & Control
CDC: CHW Training Materials for Cholera
OSHA: Protect Yourself Pandemic Flu Respiratory Protection
OSHA: West Nile Virus
OSHA: Handling Human Remains

Chemical Safety Guides:
2016 Emergency Response Guidebook (Chemicals)
NIOSH Guide to Chemical Hazards

General Resource & Safety Guides:
2016 Emergency Resource Guide
CERT Light Rescue Instructions
OSHA: Work Zone Safety
OSHA: Demolition Safety Tips
OSHA: Carbon Monoxide
OSHA: Confined Space Permit
OSHA: Chainsaw Safety
OSHA: Electrical Safety
OSHA: Crane Safety
OSHA: Supported Scaffold Tips
OSHA: Clean-up Hazards
OSHA: Flood Clean-up
OSHA: Handling Human Remains

Northwest Emergency Response Planning:

Cascaidia Subduction Zone Report

Tsunami Maps Washington State