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Health Hazards In Construction

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Health Hazards In Construction Training Materials


2015 Health Hazards PART 1 and 2015 Health Hazards PART 2 and 2015 Health Hazards PART 3 to download and view the Health Hazards PowerPoint.

This slideshow can be used in conjunction with the Health Hazards in Construction Handout for training on these topics.

CLICK HERE to download the 24 page Health Hazards in Construction Handout

This handout is for Residential Contractors in Washington State and contains the requirements and best practices for Asbestos, Lead, Silica and Mold in the workplace.

CLICK HERE to go to youtube.com and see the NICA SAFETY CHANNEL for videos on:

Health Hazards in Renovations – Contractor’s Overview

Containment    –     PPE     –     Work Practices    –   Decontamination


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Funding and support for this project provided by State of Washington, Department of Labor and Industries, Safety and Health Investments Projects.   See lni.wa.gov/safety for more information on worker safety.