Lead Forms

Lead Documents

1) 40 CFR 745

2) Lead Safety for Renovation, Repair and Painting – Student Handout

3) Appendices:

4) Summary of Updates & Corrections

  • October 4, 2011: This course has been significantly revised to address regulatory changes and feedback on course content.
  • October 20, 2011. Appendix 2 was revised to remove an incorrect regulatory reference. Also, in the instructor Module 3 Word file, page 3-5 was modified to remove an incorrect reference to using a lead panted surface.
  • July 12, 2012. The Test Kit Documentation Form (page A6-11) that appears in Module 3 and Appendix 6 was replaced. The new version includes a field to record the date each test was taken. Also, page 2 of Module 7 was updated to clarify which of the documents a firm must retain; only the renovators training certificates must be available on the jobsite.


Downloadable Lead Safety Forms:

These Lead Safety forms are created by NICA and conform to EPA requirements.
To see the EPA versions; go to EPA.GOV/LEAD  or call the EPA at 1-800-424-LEAD (5323).

1. Record Keeping Checklist
2. Certified Renovator Certificate (Available from your RRP Trainer)
3. EPA Certified Firm Certificate (Available from the EPA)
4. Non-Certified Worker Documentation
5. Renovate Right-Important Lead Hazard Information
6. Pre-Renovation Form
7. Test Kit Documentation
8. Paint Chip Sample Form
9. Dust Clearance Technician Report (Optional). Available From Your Dust Sample Technician.
10. Danger Lead Work Area Sign
11. Steps to Lead Safe Renovation, Repair & Painting (Training for Non-Certified Workers)

The following Safety Programs are available for Washington State Contractors.
1. Lead Renovation Safety Plan
2. Residential Construction Safety Plan 

The following links will help you comply with EPA’s Lead Rule.
1. Certified Renovator Training
2. MSDS Sheet D-Lead
3. 3M Lead Check SDS
4. Instruction for Using Lead Check on Plaster or Drywall

WA Department of Commerce.
1. WA Department of Commerce Website
2. WA Dept of Commerce Firm Application
3. EPA Firm Application
4. WA Department of Commerce Leadlines